Company Overview

Energy Production Corporation (EPCo) was founded in 1969 as a conventional exploration and production company, based in Dallas, Texas.  Throughout our history, EPCo has pursued oil and gas exploration prospects with long-life reserves in basins demonstrating prolific working petroleum systems.  Though privately-held and relatively small in size, EPCo has quietly been a participant in some of the largest onshore fields in Texas and Louisiana in the last 40 years.

Our current portfolio consists of long-life producing properties in the East Texas and Permian Basins, and along the Texas Gulf Coast.   These properties involve a mix of primary and secondary recovery operations, including natural gas liquids recovery operations and various means of complicated artificial lift and injection.  Additionally EPCo continues to pursue a variety of exploratory projects, including a robust natural gas exploration program in South Texas.

Since our inception, EPCo has taken pride in its “family” culture and the efficiency and expertise of its staff.  Our strategy remains simple and steadfast:  explore for, develop and produce long-life oil and gas reservoirs efficiently and effectively.