East Texas Basin

Today, EPCo’s position in East Texas is its strongest asset, with a mixture of primary and secondary recovery projects, as well as new exploration prospects. Because of the prolific nature of these reservoirs, operating margins are very attractive and production is long-lived.

EPCo has been involved in the East Texas basin for more than 30 years, exploring for and developing primarily oil-bearing formations.  Our assets in this geologically complex area include oil, gas and natural gas liquid production in strata ranging from 6,000 feet subsurface to depths greater than 15,000 feet subsurface.  Operating in geothermally anomalous conditions with complex stratigraphy overlaid by a significantly thick salt dome adds to the need for technological sophistication in drilling, well completions and artificial lift.

Our operations include secondary recovery through waterfloods, deep natural gas production, and conventional oil production.  A gas gathering system and natural gas liquids plant support these operations, along with the field personnel that have worked with the asset since its purchase in the mid-1970s.

Continued development of this significant asset remains at the top of our portfolio and EPCo will remain an active explorer, producer and steward in East Texas for a long time to come.